Windsurfing may not be the first form of exercise that comes to mind when looking at ways to boost health, but its plethora of benefits are hard to ignore. For those who haven’t tried windsurfing before, there are some ways to make initiation into the sport much easier. Choosing a location with calm waters and light, consistent breezes is ideal for newcomers. Moreover, beginners can observe their progress from the very start, especially as big boards and small sails make entry into the sport straightforward even without an abundance of core strength.

As the sport requires high levels of concentration, windsurfing is ideal for taking the mind off everyday stresses and disengaging from screens and phone calls. Regular windsurfers – such as experienced deckhand Oliver Mills-Nanyn – can vouch for its long-term benefits.

The Physical Benefits

Windsurfing is excellent for all-round health and offers many benefits for the body. Learning to balance on the board activates the core muscles and in time, core strength is improved as well as posture. For those who suffer from lower back pain, this can result in a marked improvement, and developing better balance and coordination at a young age can have a positive effect for the future.

The sport also improves cardiovascular health; using a range of muscle groups encourages the heart to work harder and deliver much-needed blood and oxygen. Due to the necessity to engage arms, legs and the core, windsurfing is truly a full-body workout.

A Boost to Mental Health

It is equally important to protect mental health as well as the body. Although gym workouts suit many people, others may struggle to enjoy exercising indoors. Taking workouts to the waves gets people out in the fresh air and soaking up nature, which can reduce stress levels. It also fosters mindfulness, encouraging people to become more aware of the present moment and lose themselves entirely in the sport.

Similarly, windsurfing can have the beneficial effect of improving sleep patterns and quality. Exercise as a whole is proven to benefit sleep, but windsurfing is particularly advantageous due to its high impact on cardiovascular health and stamina.

A Constant Challenge

The beauty of windsurfing is that no two hours on the water are the same. Conditions can change extremely quickly, bringing a level of challenge windsurfers can relish. As a relatively modern sport, new techniques are always in development, meaning that windsurfers can frequently set themselves to learning something new.

Additionally, there is a thriving community around the sport, enabling newcomers to seek advice from those with more experience.